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The City Heights Partnership for Children brings together leaders from the education, health and human services, nonprofit, business, civic, and philanthropic sectors to improve outcomes for young people in the urban core of San Diego.

CHPfC is focused on generating results through collaborative action, the effective use of data, and the alignment of resources that work for children and students. Every child, every step of the way – from cradle to college or career.

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Action Teams

Experts within the community who are concerned with, and can contribute to advancing specific goals, form our Action Teams.

The City Heights Partnership for Children is committed to making data driven decisions focused on what education and other interventions are needed – aligning assets to create additional gains and terminating what does not work.

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The Impact

When Edison Elementary School nurse Linda Barbod learned that partners within the City Heights Partnership for Children and the UCSD Shiley Eye Center were providing free vision exams for thousands of children at neighborhood campuses, she felt as though Christmas had arrived early.

“This is beyond my wildest dreams,” Barbod said of the program that will result in every elementary school child in the Hoover High cluster who needs glasses getting a pair for free.

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Images courtesy of The AjA Project, a nonprofit organization that utilizes participatory photography to transform the lives of under-served youth. Learn more about the AjA Project at